Monday, March 23, 2020

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At home learning

Dear families,

Thank you for your support on this difficult time. We hope all of you are safe at home. We miss our students and school.

The first grade teachers created a packet for students to work at home. We are also learning in the process. We can always adjust or modify for the following week. We will be available during school ours to answer any questions you may have. Please email us with any questions or concerns.

The packet has material for 5 days (Mon-Fri), with resources for all subjects. Please use this link to access it:

You do not need to print the resources pages, only the working pages.

Thank you!

1st Grade Teachers

Friday, March 6, 2020


Dates to Remember:
Mar. 9-13: NO SCHOOL; Spring Break
Apr. 27: Field trip to AZ Science Center. Use the  link below to sign up.

Reading: We are reading the My Father’s Dragon series, please send in a copy of this book if you have not done so.

*All first-grade classes are in need of reading volunteers. Please use the sign up located under “Volunteer Opportunities.” If you have any questions or would like to volunteer at a different time, please contact your teacher.

Math: We started our week reviewing halves and fourths and students tested on fractions. Next, students were introduced to Time. We are practicing how to read time by the hour and half hour. Students used their own clock to tell time.  They wrote times for digital and analog clocks. We discussed different events happening during the day and how long it takes to finish them.
Homework (For the week after spring break): M: p. 96, T: pp 97-98, W: pp. 99-101, Th: pp. 102-103, F: No homework

History: This week in history, students learned all about Benjamin Franklin and his many accomplishments. Students looked at pictures such as the bifocals, the long arm, and the franklin stove then thought of what they might be. In the end, they were excited to learn that one person created all the things they saw! They colored pictures about Benjamin Franklin, made a kite, and wrote about his ideas and accomplishments.

Science: Students learned about the octopus. They labeled the anatomy of an octopus, and then made their own octopus. Students also learned about oysters. They had a chance to create their own oysters with pearls!

Literature: Students listened again to the poem "The Pasture" by Robert Frost. We discussed the literary elements of the poem and then created a diorama. Students were introduced to the saying "Never Leave till Tomorrow, what can be done today" and thought of important things they do each day. Finally, the students read and considered the poem "Rope Rhyme" by Eloise Greenfield.

Have a fun and relaxing Spring Break! 

1st Grade Teachers

Friday, February 28, 2020


Dates to Remember:
Mar. 4: Field Day
Mar. 6: Half Day; Early Release
Mar. 9-13: NO SCHOOL; Spring Break

Reading: We have continued to read the first book My Father’s Dragon Please send in a copy of this book if you have not done so. 
Math: This week, students understood division as grouping, and they solved simple division problems using objects and pictures. Also, students tested for division concepts. At the end of the week, students recognized halves and fourths. In class, they had the opportunity to practice and discuss fractions.
Homework for next week: M: pp. 88-90, T: pp. 91-92, W: No Homework!, Th: pp. 93-94, F: 95

History: For History, students continued to learn about the events before the American Revolution started. Students learned about King George III and Paul Revere. They learned about Paul Revere's ride and how he warned the colonists in Massachusetts, "The British are Coming!" We finished this week with the event that happened after Paul Reveres ride, sequencing the events of the Battle of Lexington and Concord. 

Science: Continuing our Ocean Unit, students learned about the sea star, lantern fish, and sea turtle. They learned that the sea star lives in tide pools, but can also live in the rocky shores, and the lantern fish lives in the deepest zones of the ocean. They learned that the sea turtles live near the coasts but do go into the open sea. They also learned that the lantern fish uses bioluminescence. 

Literature: This week we learned the saying "The more, the merrier". Then we read and discussed the fairy tale Rapunzel. The students learned new vocabulary and drew pictures illustrating the meanings of the words in their Literature book. They wrote in the story elements and created a craft with the story. Lastly, we discussed adjectives and thought of words to describe Rapunzel's tower. 

Have a great weekend! 

1st Grade Teachers